Off Music: 10 Ways To Save Money on Water, Gas and Electricity Bills

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The only way to spend less money on electricity, water, and gas is knowing how to manage your resources that require these forms of energy. In as much the government is doing everything it can to make these resources readily available to ordinary citizens, most people end up paying too much due to lack of knowledge.

By the end of this write-up, you will be informed with several tips on how to save and maximize on sufficient energy without wasting too much money.

1. Use energy-saving gas appliances

You will find different gas appliances in the market, some even quite cheap. However, there is no point in buying a cheap gas appliance that eventually contributes to the increase in your gas spending. Quality finally works to save you more in the long run.

2. Utilize smart thermostats

Gas-powered heating systems can be regulated using smart thermostats. Such thermostats are set to control your energy usage. You will work with a limit throughout the month, which helps you keep your gas spending within your budget.

3. Use cold water to wash your clothes

Clothes do not have to be washed using hot or warm water unless it is a unique fabric to maintain its durability. Else, for any other material, it more energy-saving to use cold water. This might even cut your gas money by half if you initially used hot water to clean your family’s clothes.

4. Use energy-saving bulbs

LED and CFL light bulbs are the best energy-saving bulbs around. The good news is that their prices have drastically dropped over recent years, which makes them quite affordable even to a low-class citizen.

Only keep electric appliances on when using them. A common myth we have is that as long as your sound system or television set is on standby or off, then there is no energy being used. As long as these devices are still plugged into an extension that is on, energy is still being used. Make sure everything is completely off before you leave your house. It acts as a safety precaution against electricity-caused accidents.

5. Consider solar energy

The best way to reduce or, altogether, do away with electricity bills is by opting for the cheaper solar energy. You will only need to buy solar panels and batteries. If you do your math correctly, you might never have to worry about electricity bills again.

6. Utilize natural light whenever possible

Another great way to keep electricity bills low is making sufficient use of natural light during the day. For offices, arrange offices in a way that the natural light can be used for the most part of the day without requiring complimentary light.


7. Fixing leaking pipes

One of the ways that water is easily wasted without many noticing is through leakages. As long as the water is flowing out, no matter how low the pressure might be, when not in use, a lot is being wasted. Correcting this is as easy as calling a plumber near you to fix such leakages or loose pipes.

8. Reducing shower time

You do not have to spend hours in the shower. Just use adequate time while considering the amount of water you use. Also, you can keep the pressure a bit low to avoid much waste.

9. Consider baths to showers

Baths help manage the amount of water you use in a better way compared to showers. While water is flowing out freely with a shower, a bath has a specific amount collected for your use.

10. Low-flow toilets

These toilets help you regulate the amount of water you use for flushing.

Bonus: Using faucet aerators

Faucets control the amount of water coming out from a tap’s mouth without affecting its pressure.


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