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Alkaline the great musician has blessed our ears with a new song titled Deh Suh and it is right here for you listening pleasure.

Stream and Get Alkaline – Deh Suh below with lyrics . . . 

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Have we have we owna way, couldn’t no other way
A we have owna way, yeah ohh yeah
And that we say, every day yeah

[Chorus] Deh suh, deh suh, deh suh
Waan fi tame but we nuh pet
Dem wata dung, nah make dem ketch
Yuh everyday a try oppress yuh
We wild (wild), we wild(wild)
A fi real, a we style, a we style ok
Babylon a try pes yuh, fi yuh flip dem, put yuh deh suh
Wah turn yuh a guinea pig a so dem stress
A so dem stress yuh
We wild (wild), wе wild (wild) and free
Nuh girl, nuh guy nuh inna we file

[Verse 1] Boy cyan tame likе the modem or buffer load
Stand up deh pon we ten might take a trip and never buck a toe
Try fi coupe we up we fly di lock and we tep outta door
Could a cook yuh betta [?] Deven care about [?] We nuh take bully and dem cyah bad up
Kinda drape up inna chest?
Nuh fassy cya grab up
And dem cya take we vibes
And we voice, we ago dweet a we choice
Check up dem levels, now dem cyah add up

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