Download: Down South – Wale Ft. Yella Beezy, Maxo (Mp3,Mp4)

Nigerian American rapper, Wale has released a new single “Down South” with the video off his forth coming album “Folarin II“. Yella Beezy and Maxo Kream assisted Wale in the song.

Download, Watch, Read lyrics of Down South by Wale Ft. Yella Beezy, Maxo Kream below…

Hook 2x

Down south slangin Rollin with these hustlers Tryin to get rid a you hatas and you bustas


What’s the sense of it all? Pimpin, powder, and pussy tryin to make pennies See niggas lie on the stand guess hell ain’t harder than prison who knows In the 90s a traffic stop get you tickets a joke Now the find you a traffic stop get you riddled with holes We be living too fast we be sipping it slow

One of my niggas was selling work now he selling out shows I mean face it that’s growth pay attention take notes You over 40 and moving work better be by the boat Better be by the dock better not be by your home Iff niggas really hurt you they gonna leave you alone

Cuz them peoples is coming Where your loyalty youngin When a rapper say free my nigga his lawyers get hungry Now everybody wanna be a trap nigga cuz them rap trap niggas get paid And don’t nobody want to be a trap trap nigga when them badge niggas got you on tap

Art imitating life now y’all just saying lies Got these suburanites thinking y’all aint afraid to fight Right in the mirror crying a little you shaking right

Your soul is in prison and there is no visitation rights Down south slangin music with these hustlers Keep it tru self and never sell out with these busters I ain’t fin to tap dance I don’t give a fuck doh Keep it tru to self and keep it cool nigga cut throat Hook 4x

Down south slangin Rollin with these hustlers Tryin to get rid a you hatas and you bustas


I got the cocaine lady, white lady, by the key Cup full of Texas poured by the 3 Hoped out the porsche went and sold me a p Smoke a pussy nigga like I rolled me a leaf (like a leaf niaag) Or smoke put holes in his teeth

Boom bop pow put a hole in his cheek Nigga talking tough but you a ho in these streets Come a get nanni freak hoes in the sheets aye Hustle like a muthafucka niggas serving scudda butter

Down South

Pussy niggas undercover and I aint studder motherfucka Hit em with the blocka blocka Quick to serve me a clocker You border line dick suckas Trying take pics suckas Baby make your leg bend yellow bitch a red skin In dc like a red skin come and give me head than

My youngin pop a lead in Nigga swing your dred than Oh you want to tussle we gonna see how niggas play it then Hook 4x Down south slangin Rollin with these hustlers Tryin to get rid a you hatas and you bustas


Down south slangin serving all these costumers Like bill I keep these pills but keep a heath cliff like Rudy Huxtable On the real you might get kilt don’t touch my chain cuz its untouchable Big black knows my hip goin shoot that bitch aint cute but she still fuckable

Racks on racks move packs sell packs at school had packs like lunchables Took gats on gats 4 5s and Macs we bust those straps so comfortable 100 chops no fun with her On adderall but still functional

Still aired out at a functional That Draco so dysfunctional Used to be robber Igbo Naija boy Go ask wale Yellow bone on top give me sloppy top as I lay Pull up on a op hit him with a chopper rocker as he lay I spend some chips to get you kilt my crips gonna make you

Frito lay Bang we don’t really tussle If I cant get that thang in then I’m not fin to go clubbing Every since my bro got kilt I can’t trust shit I cant trust nothing Cant even trust my crip cuz a crip killed Nippsey hussle


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