Download: When Its Dark – Tory Lanez (Freestyle)

Tory Lanez just dropped a diss track for Cassidy in his latest album “When Its Dark (Freestyle)”.

Notable lyrics

I’m tryna understand where was the L I mean the shows got bigger all I did was cop more cars cop more ice haha more cribs the press got bigger I guess I guess you could say a lot has changed yeah Canada

Yeah 20,000 dollars stuffed in my Amiris
400 on that cullinan shit scary
Cause when I was backing out them Benzes nah y’all ain’t hear me
Now the Rolls Royce truck parked and stunt on any car that park near me
Check the rollie homie I got time today
Ballin like I’m signed to play
It’s common buying diamonds eating ramen on a private planе
Disrespectful shooters with mе, they’ll make your mom a stain
I done lost it all got nothing to lose I make my llama bang
Niggas say it’s beef and I don’t see it I just see 50 packs
50 him 50 him by the night go get him whacked
Twitter niggas dissing while I’m laughing bringing millis back
Boy you said it’s danger put that work and bring my Glizzy back
I’m wearing out these sweats for a week straight
Left em in police tape, my alibi phillipe’s steak
Yeah, I’ll steal a nigga flow and what (And what, pussy?)
Nigga and what?
I rockin’ 4 diamonds and diamonds
Chinchilla jackets inside of the hottest climates
If my mom could see me now she’d say I’m flying, get a whiff of me
20 golden chains look like I’m Mr. T, you shittin’ me?
I done took some time but now I’m focused
Pros like a plumber you ain’t on shit then don’t approach us…

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