Download: Zigiyaga – Mirabelle Fobi (Mp3, Mp4)

Mirabelle Bih Fobi is a Cameroonian-American nurse, singer, songwriter, model and producer. She was raised in the church by well-known musical parents.

She is influenced by James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Manu Dibango, Celine Dion, Sam Cooke and Fela Kuti.

Zigiyaga by Mirabelle Fobi

After coming out of a Pandemic and Healthcare’s strongest year in history, she wanted to turn all the pain she experienced and saw into new life, with an uplifting song.

Download: Zigiyaga - Mirabelle Fobi (Mp3, Mp4)

“Music has become my outlet.”
Mirabelle’s debut single “Zigiyaga” (which means – “Live Now”) introduces an eclectic blend in Afro Funk and Blues, generating a new pop sound that showcases her brilliant soulful vocals. The electrifying catchy tune is set for release in January 2022.

The song video created a paradisiac video-emotion, a feeling-good act of freedom, a vibrant choreography that makes everybody move with total happiness and freedom.
Inspired by her favourite colours and places, a full reconnection to nature and its pure elements.

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