Huge in Nigeria: Why Is Ariana Grande The Biggest Music Star In The World?

Born in 1993, Ariana Grande released her first album in 2013 as it took her only five years to get to the top of the world. But let’s check her road to success.

Born in Boca Raton Florida, Ariana started acting since her early days, but her first success came when she was 16. She started working in a hugely successful Nickelodeon TV show, “Victorious.” As Ariana admitted earlier this year, she never wanted to be an actress but was persuaded to give it a shot and make a name of herself. That plan worked out, as, by the end of the show in 2013, Ariana’s name was on the lips of many teenagers. She capitalized that with the album “Yours Truly” which produced a hit “The Way,” as a duet with her former boyfriend, late Mac Miller. Subsequent releases were even more successful, which culminated this year with “Thank U, Next,” her fifth album which took less than two months to complete. Inspired by the death of Mac and failed relationship with Pete Davidson, Ariana brought the best pop album of the year. That finally landed her the first number 1 hit in the US with “Thank You Next” and then again with “7 Rings.” That is the kind success that her fellow superstars like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez still have failed to achieve.

Currently on tour, Ariana Grande earned $51.9 million for 31 show in North America, while her last trip brought “only” $48.1 million for 81 shows. That is not only the testament that her shows are selling out, but that the ticket prices are up 100 percent or even more. Still, her concerts in Europe are already sold out, even though the average price is more than $100. Ariana even announced the second leg of the tour in the United States later this year, so there is no doubt that she’ll break records, at least when it comes to arena tours.

So what’s the appeal of Ariana Grande that according to Google trends, she is hugely popular in Nigeria, even though her tours exclude not only this country but the whole continent of Africa? There is no single factor here. Her last couple of album produced many hits, but no one should underestimate the power of her voice, which is probably the strongest at the moment. Largely compared to Mariah Carey, Ariana produces incredibly high notes in songs like “Dangerous Woman,” so it’s no wonder everyone wants to see her. Ariana also has a huge fandom, as she likes to stay in touch with them. Also, tabloids like Daily Mirror, ScandalPlanet, E! Online, and many others talk about her daily, which makes her a media darling. The pop world is turbulent, and as Taylor Swift is preparing her new album, Ariana’s place on the top might not last for long. Still, no doubt, she is enjoying every moment now.


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