Lil Nas X Pre-Warns Fans Ahead of “Industry Baby” Debut: “The Video is Not For Your Kids!”

Lil Nas X has taken to his Twitter to warn his fans ahead of the much-anticipated debut of his new single, Industry Baby.

In case you missed it: yesterday, the rapper shared a video titled “Nike v. Lil Nas X — Satan Shoes Trial,” in which he performed a full 2-minute sketch acting out his own fictional legal battle against the Nike over the shoe drama for his viral “Satan shoes” released back in March.

The parties – Nike and MSCHF – settled in April.

Now, everyone is talking about the teaser ahead of the release this July 23, and the rapper wants everyone to know that his music is not for kids.

“Saying this in advance so y’all won’t blame me. THE INDUSTRY BABY VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!” said the rapper who was lampooned over his Montero video.

See the tweets:

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