Nollywood Actress Doris Anyanwu Tattoos Bobrisky On Her Private Part (photos)

Plus size advocate and actress, Doris Anyanwu has cried out after tattooing Bobrisky’s name on her butts and got ignored by the crossdresser.

Joining the ‘tattoo Bobrisky’ trend, the Imo State born script interpreter had inked the name on her private part, posted the images and still didn’t get any attention from the controversial Crossdresser.

“@bobrisky222 I was the third person that drew a tattoo of your name on my body after the lady outside the country …. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭” she cried out on Bobrisky’s Instagram.

A visit to Doris Anyanwu’s Instagram page, however revealed that she had two weeks ago gone through the pains of inking Bobrisky on her buttocks.

An act she had promised herself never to go through again after the first experience.

“Over 10 years ago I had a tattoo done on my left arm and I vowed never to have another tattoo done cos of the pains … Today I broke that vow to prove my loyalty to my Queen, extraordinary influencer , angel in human form @bobrisky222 …God bless you for all you are doing for humanity .. Love you Bob ❤❤❤”, Doris Anyanwu wrote.

For the past few weeks, Bobrisky has been financially empowering fans who tattoo his names on their bodies.

However, it would be recalled that in a recent interview with The Sun, Doris Anyanwu was asked what she looks out for in a man, the bold and outspoken diva said, “I am attracted to kind and intelligent men. I’ll be glad if he has some of the following qualities; A gentleman, respectful, Honest and trustworthy. He must have great sense of humor. He should be able to make me laugh out loud because I don’t like dull moments. He should be a great listener and talker. Self sacrifice / protector; I want him to be my best friend. Equality; we should be able to share our love fairly, rather than the love being one sided while the other isn’t love interested. He should have stable job and salary. I am not a gold digger but this is very important. Love is sweet but when money is involved its sweeter you know. He must also accept me for who I am. I’m a Nudist and a plus size woman, he should be able to accept me for who I am, with or without makeup. He should be mature and have integrity. He should be able to stay true to his words and himself. He must be direct; any guy who isn’t direct is weak. I can’t settle for a weak man. He should be good in bed and not selfish , highly romantic, foreplay. He needs to mesmerize this body and make it jerk. I also love dark skinned guys.”

Doris Anyanwu also revealed how she copes with sexual harassments being a plus sized lady.

She recalls, “Few years ago I can remember sitting at the front sit of a bus in Owerri, pressing my phone and minding my business and before I knew it , a bike guy grabbed my breast so hard through the drivers window and sped off. I was confused because I didn’t know if he tried stealing my phone or actually wanted to grab my boobs. It all happened so fast and the pain was too much. At that point there was absolutely nothing I could do. I buried my head in shame and felt so bad and handed it over to God because I didn’t deserve that. I think that’s all I can remember so far.”


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