See Throwback Pictures Of Will Smith’s Wife And 2pac While They Were In Relationship

Even Tupac himself sang that “Life goes on”. But Jada Pinkett Smith seems to find it hard to move on after the exit of 2pac from her life and later his exit from the world.

She held tightly onto the memories of a man she was once close to, and probably loved. And to what end?

The downside to this is that she probably pictures 2pac in her mind every time she is with Will Smith who unfortunately got married to an unwilling soul in Jada Pinkett. And in order for Will to cement this relationship and fight to keep his family, he was forced to do things out of the ordinary and as expected of a reasonable man. Unfortunately, the woman and the soul in Jada Pinkett seem not to see this nor appreciate it.

The latest series in Smith’s fight for survival was the Oscar award public assault stunt he pulled on Chris Rock “in defence of his wife” which sadly is turning to be the grave of his career.

See pictures below


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