‘The Ogun’ Movie: Marvel Actor, Anthony Mackie to Star in Nigerian Thriller

The Marvel super star, Anthony Mackie has been confirmed by THR to be staring and produce a Nigerian movie “The Ogun”, an action thriller for Netflix.

Per the outlet:

[The thriller] centers on a man named Xavier Rhodes who brings his teenage daughter to Nigeria to find a cure for the rare genetic condition that he passed on to her. When his daughter is kidnapped, Rhodes goes on a rampage through the criminal underworld to find her before it’s too late, testing his powerful abilities to the limit. The project has been described as being tonally in the vein of John Wick crossed with Dante’s Inferno.

Ogun continues Netflix’s relationship with Berman and Mackie. The two produced the 2019 sci-fi drama Io, in which Mackie starred alongside with Margaret Qualley.

We can’t wait!

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